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Calibrated Reference Leaks for 'Sniffer' Leak Detectors
High Technology Products: Unit 3B, Hackhurst Industrial Estate, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4BW 
tel : (01323) 442035 
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HTP Provides:
* Calibrated Reference Leaks for various applications
* Leak Detection solutions and system design
* Recalibration service
* FGas compliance solutions
* Able to provide certification to National Standards
* Training in leak detection and vacuum technology HTP Provides:
* Stainless steel flexible hoses and braided hoses
* Stainless steel welded bellows
* Stainless steel braided bellows assemblies 
* Vacuum components to ISO specifications 
* Manufacture of vacuum lead throughs and glass to metal seals
* Manufacture of vacuum chambers, pressure manifolds and non standard assemblies

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Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

Calibration Services

  • A recalibration service is available for standard leaks and leak testing devices, which includes Helium masspectrometers and hand held “sniffer” units.

    A wide range of test gasses are available for refilling reference leaks. We can also provide a refurbishment and repair service.
    (Certification is traceable to National Standards.)

  • Sniffer Leak Detector Check     Mass Spectrometer Reference Leak Test
    'Sniffer' Reference Leak Check                  Vacuum Mode Leak Calibration

  • Calibration Facility Includes:
    • A dedicated Helium masspectrometer type Leybold UL500
    • An Inficon Ecotec II sniffer masspectrometer, for use with most gasses for over pressure measurement.
    • A Pfeiffer Prisma residual gas analyser.
    • Various precision flow measurement apparatus.
    • Leak standards for Helium and R134a calibrated by P.T.B. Berlin.
    • A dedicated temperature controlled calibration room.

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HT Products specialise in : Vacuum components, klein flange, conflat flange, ISO flange, ISO fittings, ISO63, ISO80, ISO100, KF25, KF40, Copper Gaskets, braided hose, flexible hose, bellows, pneurop 6606/1981, leak detection, leak calibration, stainless steel, flexible hoses, braided hoses
based in Lower Dicker in East Sussex.

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