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Calibrated Reference Leaks for 'Sniffer' Leak Detectors
High Technology Products: Unit 3B, Hackhurst Industrial Estate, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4BW 
tel : (01323) 442035 
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HTP Provides:
* Calibrated Reference Leaks for various applications
* Leak Detection solutions and system design
* Recalibration service
* FGas compliance solutions
* Able to provide certification to National Standards
* Training in leak detection and vacuum technology HTP Provides:
* Stainless steel flexible hoses and braided hoses
* Stainless steel welded bellows
* Stainless steel braided bellows assemblies 
* Vacuum components to ISO specifications 
* Manufacture of vacuum lead throughs and glass to metal seals
* Manufacture of vacuum chambers, pressure manifolds and non standard assemblies

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'LS' Series Reference Leaks for 'Sniffer' Applications

    LS-4: Housed Leak Element
  • Leak element in 1/4" SAE stainless steel body with brass nut for use with a bulk supply.
  • For use as quick on-site indicator for 'sniffer' leak detectors.
  • Certificate of Calibration available for an additional fee.
  • Gas supply required.

    LS-R: Regulated Leak
  • Regulated flow rate unit with interchangeable reference leak.
  • Designed to be portable, robust and use a range of different leaks calibrated for different gases or flow rates.
  • 1/4" SAE input connector
  • Regulated input pressure allows for constant flow rate independent of gas bottle temperature or pressure.
  • Certificate of Calibration available for an additional fee.
  • Gas supply required.

    LS-100: All-In-One Refillable Leak
  • As LS-R with added contents gauge and refillable reservoir.
  • 100% portable, all-in-one reference leak solution.
  • Complete with a certificate of calibration traceable to National Standards.
  • Typical leak rate 5 g/Yr.

    LS-400: Premium Variable Leak
  • Variable output, calibrated reference leak with compact adjustable regulator, pressure gauge and large, refillable, stainless steel reservoir.
  • 100% portable.
  • Adjustable regulator allows for an accurate variable leak output.
  • Complete with a certificate of calibration traceable to National Standards.

    LS-X: Calibration Work Station
  • High accuracy, variable output, calibrated reference leak designed for standards rooms or where more accuracy is required.
  • Can easily be used to find the lowest sensitivity of a hand-held 'sniffer' leak detector by connecting the probe to the leak housing.
  • Reference leak is mounted in a sturdy case with a front panel showing the leak element and a 'Pressure/Leak Graph'.
  • High quality regulator, 63mm pressure gauge (0-1bar), and connection port allows for repeatable, consistent, close proximity testing.
  • Case contains refillable, stainless steel gas reservoir.
  • By referring to the 'Pressure/Leak Graph' the leak rate can be set, typically 1-5g/Yr.
  • Unlike most refrigerant leaks it is not sensitive to vapour pressure changes in temperature.
  • Complete with certificate of calibration traceable to National Standards.

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HT Products specialise in : Vacuum components, klein flange, conflat flange, ISO flange, ISO fittings, ISO63, ISO80, ISO100, KF25, KF40, Copper Gaskets, braided hose, flexible hose, bellows, pneurop 6606/1981, leak detection, leak calibration, stainless steel, flexible hoses, braided hoses
based in Lower Dicker in East Sussex.

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