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Leak Testing Project :
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's Dounreay Site

NDA Dounreay Site

  • In the first quarter of 2009 H.T. Products' engineers travelled to the Dounreay Power Station near Thurso, Caithness, Scotland to conduct a leak testing operation in cooperation with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

  • Sealed I.F. Container

    The focus of the operation was to establish the integrity of a proposed system built to seal containers of radioactive waste. The irradiated fuel, taken from the fast reactor core, had to be sealed into the 3 metre containers by a Remote Orbital Welding System (ROWS), drop-tested and leak tested under vacuum to measure the success of the weld and the container's durability.

  • In addition to the on-site leak testing and consultancy our engineers also provided:
    • A Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection system, designed and built by H.T. Products in Sussex.
    • A full training program for the staff who would be operating the leak detection system during the decommissioning.
    • Certification and supporting documents for the Leak Detection system, with traceability to National Standards.

    I.F. Container Under Test.

  • The leak test system itself incorporated a Pfeiffer HLT570 - Mass Spectrometer Leak detector and an Edwards XDS10 - Vacuum Schroll Pump with specially manufactured fittings and components for use with the I.F. containers. The system was built for use with Helium as the tracer gas but also implemented a specially designed Argon back fill system to eliminate the risk of contamination.

    The I.F. Container Leak Detection System

  • The Leak Detection System was also supplied with a calibrated reference leak and instructions for calibration to ensure the system performed accurately and effectively for it's required term of operation without the need for third party intervention.

  • H.T. Products is a supplier of leak detection equipment and is able to offer a system design and consultancy service for leak detection as well as a full range of vacuum components and fittings and a wide range of leak detection services including:

    • A range of calibrated reference leaks manufactured in house with our patented leak technology.

    • A calibration / recalibration service for leak equipment.

    • Professional advice or training in leak detection and leak technology.

www.dounreay.com - Official NDA Dounreay Website


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