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FGas Regulations for Refrigerant Gases

FGas Works Campaign

  • For many years the focus on controlling the release of environmentally harmful gases has been growing and recently the guidelines concerning the handling and usage of HFC, CFC and SF6 gases are increasing pressure on companies and engineers to ensure their practice is well regulated and pollution is minimised.

    As well as demanding regular leak testing and records to be kept on FGas systems the legislation contains specific guidelines on the use and accuracy of electonic leak detectors (Europe - EN 14624, USA - SAE J1627). They also call for leak detection devices to be calibrated regularly and maintain a numerically specified level of accuracy.

  • Current BRA/IOR guidelines recommend calibrations on portable, electronic leak detectors be carried out every 3 months with calibration records being kept for inspection by refrigerant system owners.

  • Electronic Leak detectors should be able to detect a minimum leakage of 5g/Yr of the system's charge.

  • RAC magazine (May 2009 issue) features a report of their recent show seminars where many of the speakers stressed the importance of FGas compliance and provided advice to businesses on how to prepare for future developments.

    The Institute Of Refrigeration's President Jane Gartshore, who is co-ordinating the REAL Zero research, was one of many to stress the importance of using accurately calibrated equipment saying that;

    "Sensors only last 100 hours so need checking - On the survey some hadn't even been fitted to the detectors."
    Jane Gartshore, IOR President.

    The Article also featured the following picture of an H.T. Products manufactured Calibrated Leak Element being used to calibrate a 'Sniffer' Leak detector, shown below:

    H.T. Products Leak Element in Action
    p32 RAC Magazine (May 2009)

  • Our calibrated reference leaks are perfect for 'Sniffer' calibrations and sensitivy checking and provide a cost-effective to the measurement and fine tuning required for FGas compliance. Regulations demand leakage to be checked to a rate of 5 g/Yr which is a comfortable mid-range leak value for our products. We also provide adjustable value leaks which can be used to find the lowest flow rate a leak detector will register. Our products are available with calibration certificates traceable to National Standards to ensure our customers can provide the documentation required by FGas legislation.

Range of leaks for Vacuum and 'Sniffer' Applications.

For more information on our calibrated reference leaks for 'sniffer' applications, or to email an enquiry follow the links below.



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