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Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors

A Helium Mass Spectrometer is widely considered as the most sensitive method of leak testing a high integrity component or assembly. Various modes of operation can be achieved with these ͚multi-purpose͛ leak detectors and they can be highly successful in a wide range of leak detection applications.

HTP can offer a range of Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors (MSLDs) for sale. As an independent company HTP is well placed to offer the best leak detector for any application and give impartial advice to ensure a successful leak test solution is provided and maintained.

Helium MSLD Leak Detectors can be supplied in various formats:


Leak detectors designed to be transported easily and used by a single operator, usually a small internal vacuum pump, can be very effective with wireless equipment and well suited to leak testing large assemblies at different injection points in areas with limited access.

Trolley Mounted

Industrial leak detectors often with Improved pumping capacity ideal for factory or permanent manufacturing setups.

Sniffer Mode

Helium MSLD leak detectors with a different arrangement of the analyser allowing atmospheric air to be sampled from a test area with the analyser responding to any helium present.
The sensitivity of a ͚sniffer͛ mode test is generally assumed to be lower than a vacuum mode test due to the air dilution but this can still provide a valuable option for testing of some systems.
Helium or a PPM mix of helium in nitrogen can be used to fill a system under test to offer a cost effective, dynamic test to an acceptable standard.

Industrial Process Tools

Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors can offer a vital solution for locating and repairing problematic leaks on industrial systems. System options and features can be selected f or a application to give maximum performance and sensitivity under challenging environmental conditions. Superior pumpi ng characteristics such as high inlet pressure tolerance and split flow capability deliver fast response and clea n-up times. Wireless remote control enables single-person leak testing of even the largest systems.

  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Coating systems
  • Electronic beam welders

Power Generation

Leaks within power plant condensers can cause a significant loss of ef ficiency. High inlet pressure tolerance, auto-zero function, and mobility of the two-wheel cart opt ion simplify the leak detection process. Simple, intuitive operation allows intermittent use withou t excessive training requirements. Wireless remote control with an operating range of 100 meters (32 8 feet) provides true hand-held portability, enabling leak testing by a single operator.

  • Condensers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Steam circuits
  • Underground pressured power cables

High Energy Physics

High sensitivity, large roughing capacity and portability are essent ial for leak testing accelerators and beam lines. These instruments provide excellent mass separation that differentiates t he smallest helium leaks from residual water vapor and hydrogen, and are available with large, dry roughing pumps to evacuate large volumes, or smaller internal pumps when used with turbo pumping systems. Wireless remote control with an operating range of 100 meters (328 feet) enables a single operator to check potential leak sites without a cord of any kind.

  • Accelerators
  • Beam lines
  • Synchrotrons

Semiconductor Production

Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors combine high sensitivity and large, dry rough pumping capacity to meet the testing needs of semiconductor processing equipment and gas handling sys tems. With the high inlet pressure tolerance and fast clean up and response times, these units excel at locati ng leaks in both evacuated and pressurized systems. A clean room technician can use the hand-held wireless remote control whil e the leak detector remains installed in a less critical area.

  • Process tools
  • Gas panels
  • Gas transfer lines

Small Parts Manufacturing

VS Series Leak Detectors employ high inlet pumping speed and high inlet press ure tolerance to minimize test cycle time, thereby maximizing production throughput. Programmable test sequences simplify daily operation, minimize operator error, and maximize your production efficiency. Optional software can b e used to collect data for quality control purposes and even automate test cycles.

  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Refrigeration
  • Hermetic packaging
  • Medical & Implantable devices

General R&D

Research and university labs often require a portable leak detector wi th the versatility to cover a wide range of applications. The ability to be easily moved from lab to lab, in conjunction with high performance specifications in both the evacuation and pressurized mode, ma ke the Helium MSLD an essential tool for this environment.

  • Electron microscopes
  • Experimental chambers
  • Surface analytical systems
  • Space chambers