Leak Detection systems

HT Products - Leak Detection System
Leak Detection Systems

HT Products can provide a full design, manufacture and commissioning services for specialist leak detection systems covering a wide range of industrial leak detection procedures.

  • Analysis and testing of existing customer products to refine and develop leak detection specification.
  • Leak Detection System Design Including 3D CAD Design and drawing facilities for close customer collaboration.
  • In house fabrication services, jigs + fixtures, system assembly, testing and transit packing.
  • Delivery and commissioning.
  • System modification, renovation and upgrades.

Notable Customers Include:

  • GSK
  • NDA (Sellafield + Dounreay Sites)
  • CERN
  • Accles & Pollock
  • Nestle

HT Products offers a close pre-design discussion and collaboration process to establish key performance factors and test thresholds in SLR leak rate units.

  • Vacuum Helium Mass Spectrometers
  • 'Sniffer' Mode Helium Mass Spectrometers
  • Gas Specific Mass Spectrometers
  • Pressure Decay Modules
  • Vacuum Decay Modules

Split Flow Helium MSLD Leak Detection Systems

HT Products can provide leak detection systems based around a central helium mass spectrometer with auxiliary pumping equipment to cover specific leak detection arrangements.

Leak Detection Systems can cover any pumping capacity in the range 15 m3/hr to 500 m3/hr (or even greater with an additional roots pump) using wet or dry pumping systems.

Split Flow Leak Detection systems would include a calibrated reference leak standard to verify the sensitivity of the split flow system allowing for any effect of the additional pumping equipment on the MSLD sensitivity.

Control systems, adjustable valves and in-line filters can be used to fine tune the pumping parameters to specific environmental conditions, outgassing and potential contaminants within the test piece to prolong the life and sensitivity of the MSLD.

Bespoke Framework, Jigs, Fixtures and Features

HT Products can manufacture and supply bespoke leak test jigs, enclosures and fittings for leak testing any item.