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HT Products can supply a comprehensive range of precision vacuum measurement equipment for a wide range of Vacuum and UHV testing and analysis operations.

Thermocouple Gauges
Pirani Gauges
Pirani / Penning Full Range Gauge Combinations
Hot Filament Ionization Gauges

Rack mounted controllers and display interfaces can be provided and retro-fitted to existing vacuum systems.
HTP can also offer multi-gauge systems for complex analyses and low vacuum applications.

RGA : Residual Gas Analysers

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, Residual Gas Analysis, Process Monitor, & Process Control Products

Residual Gas Analysers are used to investigate the integrity and gas contained in a vacuum chamber, they can give valuable information to the operator about outgassing, contaminants in the vacuum chamber or any leakage that might be interfering with the application. RGAs have several advantages over traditional, dedicated gas leak detectors including the ability to differentiate between different gas species, comparable sensitivity levels, the ability to detect internal or "virtual" leaks and to detect and analyse outgassing problems.

HT Products can provide a comprehensive range of RGA units, systems and accessories.

Filament Repair + Gauge Refurbishment

HT Products Ltd. can offer repair, refurbishment and calibration services for many gauges and filaments, please enquire with your requirements for a discussion with one of our technical experts.