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HT Products Ltd. can manufacture standard vacuum bellows for KF, ISO and CF vacuum applications.
Bellows material is available in a range of stainless steel grade and styles.

      - Hydroformed Bellows
      HTP’s standard stock range of bellows is produced in a hydroformed style in St/St 316Ti with a wall thickness of typically between 0.1 – 0.2mm

Technical information about HTP’s stock range of bellows materials is available here

      - ‘Rolled’ or ‘Formed’ Bellows
      Specially manufactured bellows are formed more gradually by turning through various forming wheels producing excellent longevity and a very durable product. Additional plys can be added to fine tune performance and cyclic life.

    These products are made to order in batches.

        - Edge Welded Bellows
        Providing excellent extension and compression for a small nominal length of bellows these bellows are manufactured from many fine discs welded together on the inside and outside seams.
        HT Products can provide a full range of sizes with options for end terminations. They are a premium product generally used in low volume applications where space is a premium and a large compression or extension is required.

    These products are made to order in batches.

    Bespoke Bellows & Expansions Joints

    A wide range of design possibilities are available and HTP can produce a quotation for a bespoke expansion joint, please contact HTP and provide as much of the following information as possible…

    Ideal Bellows ID: mm
    Ideal Bellows OD: mm
    Ideal Installed Length: mm
    Maximum Required Compression: mm
    Maximum Required Extension: mm
    Operating Pressure: (mbar abs / mbar abs)
    Spring Rate: (N/mm)
    Material & Grade: -
    Nominal Cycle Life: -
    Any Chemical Contact: -
    Require End Fittings / Flanges: -

    Special Bellows Products

    HTP can also assist with the design, manufacture, prototyping and testing of bellows related products and assemblies. Design calculations and CAD designs / drawings.
    Examples: Pressure / Vacuum Switches, Manipulators, Port Aligners, Valves etc.

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