UHV Systems

HT Products - UHV Systems


HTP can offer a full service for supply of UHV systems and vacuum processing systems from design & consultancy through to manufacture and testing to delivery and commissioning of a full turnkey UHV system.
Applications including :

      - Bakeout and Heat Treatment
      - Vacuum Storage / Desiccation
      - Surface Analysis (UPS XPS)
      - Sputtering / Coating
      - Vacuum Furnacing

Various standard formats are available or HTP can offer a fully bespoke system tailored to your exact process and requirements.

Hardware and Components

HTP’s turnkey solutions would include a range of hardware components and equipment to operate the system including examples such as :

      - Electronic or Manually operated Valves and Manipulators.
      - Pumping Systems (Scroll, Rotary, Turbomolecular, Diffusion, Sorption, NEG, Ion and TS Pumps among many others), Pump combinations and control systems.
      - Instrumentation and Control Equipment (Pressure / Vacuum Gauging, Temperature, Thin Film Instruments, Leak Detection / RGA, Feedthroughs, In Vacuum Cables etc.)

Instrumentation can be included and interfaced with central control systems with standard or bespoke software and User Interfacing. Processes can be made automated or programmable to give simple performance or left open with maximum end user control.


A full technical file is supplied with each vacuum system including a system overview with operating instructions for basic use as well as full manuals for all subsidiary equipment and component parts.
A full pack of 3D CAD Models and Drawings can be provided as required.

Testing, Conditioning, delivery and Commisioning

HTP can provide transportation and installation of the new system directly to an end user premises with installation and commissioning routines for factory acceptance testing to be carried out under inspection as required. The whole process is covered by full technical support and reporting of system performance until it is passed ready for use on site in its final location.

Servicing and Maintenance

HTP can offer regular service visits to carry out routine testing, maintenance and recalibration as well as packages for ongoing service, modification / upgrades, breakdown support and repair.