HT Products - Ovens


Bakeout is a key process used to achieve the critical pressures for UHV and high vacuum processing. HTP’s range of bakeout solutions can deliver excellent, efficient results for UHV bakeout focussing on…

      - High quality insulation and designs with excellent thermal performance.
      - User friendly, effective assembly and disassembly suited to the end user’s application.
      - Automation, remote control, data logging, communication options and programmable bakeout cycling.

Special benchtops and insulated baffles are used to provide 360° heat shielding for any equipment outside the bake zone as well as protection to operators or processing staff. Key equipment can also be water cooled to localise high temperature to the required areas and protect sensitive equipment from exposure to excessive heat.

Motorised Cylindrical Bakeout Ovens

HTP’s UHV systems can include a motorised cylindrical oven which can be conveniently lowered into place over the entire chamber and vacuum system. Preparing a system for bakeout becomes an incredibly simple process with time consuming assemblies and preparations eliminated from system operation. HTP can accommodate systems with more than 1m diameter and 1m internal height in this type of oven. Maximum bakeout temperatures can be in excess of 380°C.

Demountable Panel Ovens

HTP can also provide traditional demountable panel ovens with a range of heater styles and bakeout control options. Suitable for a range of temperature specifications and systems of all sizes they are a cost effective, flexible solution with intuitive assembly features to make the bakeout process as simple and quick as possible. HTP can also provide protective covers or insulated jackets to mount around the panels for particularly high temperature bakeout allowing for temperatures in excess of 350°C.

Bakeout Jackets

HTP can design and manufacture bespoke heater jackets for individual components or localised bakeout for special applications. Ideal for backing lines or inlet pipework situated outside the primary bakeout area the heater jackets can be linked to the existing bakeout system or run from a separate independent controller.

Bakeout Control and Automation

HTP can offer a huge variety of bakeout controllers and features delivering maximum flexibility and automation for long bakeout cycles including temperature ramping, temperature limitation, datalogging, safety interlocks and interfacing with other control equipment or systems.