Vacuum Chambers

HT Products - Vacuum Chambers


HT Products Ltd. has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacturer of high and ultra-high (HV & UHV) vacuum chambers. Often taking an end user process to establish the requirements for ports, connections instruments and pumping facilities HTP is able to provide a cost-effective quote for any vacuum chamber both R&D and production environments.

A huge range of features and options are available to cover every requirement. Every HTP vacuum chamber includes…

      - High sensitivity helium leak testing.
      - UHV Cleaning & Heat Treatment.
      - Pumping Performance Reporting.
      - UHV welding techniques and construction to give optimum UHV performance.
      - CAD Drawings and or 3D models as required.

Some of the available optional features including…

      - Vacuum Furnacing before addition of CF flanges or any other knife edge seals or heat sensitive components.
      - Electropolishing.
      - Mounting brackets, lifting eyes, framework and adjustable supports.

HTP can offer numerous fundamental chamber designs including Spherical, Cylindrical, Rectangular and Bell Jar shapes with many options for doors, ports, load locks, UHV suitcases or removable components.

The entire chamber or individual critical ports can be water cooled using numerous techniques or bespoke components.

Bakeout facilities such as demountable panel ovens, bespoke heated bakeout jackets and motorised bakeout ovens can be provided for bespoke chambers.

HTP can also offer a reconditioning & repair service for existing vacuum chambers including repair or replacement of leaking welds, joints, bellows, feedthroughs, viewports or other hardware, dressing of damaged knife edges, modification and addition of ports and connections, cleaning and heat treatment. Reconditioning and cleaning of vacuum chambers and other system components can often improve the performance of the pumping system help to achieve better ultimate pressures and in turn improve performance and quality of vacuum processing.